Stress=High BS? Shopping=Lows?

My parents are divorced. They have been since I was eight. When I go to my Dad's house on the weekends, my blood sugar spikes. I think it is because of stress and anxiety. The same thing happens in my Spanish class because the teacher stresses me out. What can I do to prevent the highs? When I go shopping, my BSs drop, but EVERY time I am in Abercrombie, it drops rather low (50-60s). I don't know if its because of the loud music or the 'rush'. Any advice? Thanks!!

My parents divorced when I was six. We saw our dad every Sunday. My mother said I came home a wreck after almost every visit--headaches, stomach pains, super stressed. No doubt if I had been T1 then, my BG would have been through the roof. Easy to say, much harder to do, but try your best to detach yourself from the reaction these people elicit. You can't change them, so you can only change the effect they have on you. Takes a real effort to talk yourself into not allowing situations to be harmful. I say to myself--been here before & I can get through this & am not going to allow myself to get sick. Meditation helps in calming & disciplining the mind. Only other thing, of course, is to take more insulin in those situations.

Shopping sends me low also. I think it's all the walking I do, getting more exercise than I realize. I get distracted shopping & have to force myself to test & correct.

super advise all around gerri! as a yogi and buddhist dabler i am always trying to put these principles into play not always easy like gerri said but great advise, have you considered doing yoga to help diffuse tension it works wonders it would lower your bs too most likely if you are running high, like gerri said you may need to test more and correct for the highs good luck hun, life is full of challeges trying to be less reactive to others and more in tune to your own positive energy is helpful. good luck! amy ( i totally agree on the shopping too, nibble on a few m @ m's to keep you going! just a thought my son's go to for unexpected activity with likely lows is dove chocolates 5 carbs each with some fat!, one or two only!)

Stress makes me high and shopping makes me really low too! The stress I can understand, but I walk everywhere and it never goes as low as it does while shopping....and here I thought I was going crazy!! Thanks for sharing!

HI, what you are saying is true. When i was diagnosed in college, my sugar spike like crazy during my engineering degree. Sometimes i would be super prepared for a test and i would still fail since i would go in an extreme emotional anxiety. After the ended i would run to the bathroom or to my car away from people and cry. When i go out and dance i usually feel better as long i not drinking sugarish stuff. But the same thing has happens also in relations, i am not shy but your body still get a bit shy or those love and happy moments and that is when emotions go crazy and my blood sugar behaves all crazy. So instead of saying something nice like i love you i end up ■■■■ off for no reason. All i am saying is that blood sugar behaves very drastically to some people on emotions and feeling.
A big hug to you.