Stress related BS increases resulting in doubling amount of insulin needed

Okay My son has Autism, Type 1 , and hypo-unawerness. When he was home this summer we had beautiful control, always in range.

He began school and suddenly his insulin needs have doubled............I assumed this was a stress response and had hoped that we would level off but his needs for additional insulin remain.

We have added 2 units to his levemir, and a normal morning dose of fast acting would be 6 U, now between 11 and 12...........has this happened to anyone else?............ever curious of the wonderful "X" factors that thwart our strides........CourtneyV

Oh yes, stress totally affects bg. When I was on vacation my numbers were great. This even though it is not always relaxing to be around certain family members and one can’t totally relax with 2 small children in tow. The day I returned to my daily life and work my levels increased, and they haven’t been as good as they were during vacation since. There’s no doubt, in my opinion, that stress affects bg levels, and overall health in general.