Stress, Stress and more Stress

My blood sugars the last few days have been abit wacky in the morning as well into the afternoon.. I reached a high of 20 mmol/l the other day, something that occurs once in a blue moon for me, even when I was on multiple doseage injections (MDI). It was to the point where I wanted to chuck out the insulin pump the other day and go back to 8-10 injections a day! Then I thought, hang in there, life will get better and you'll be out $7K if you throw out the pump. Sometimes diabetes can take a nose dive and not do what it's supposed to do, and it gets pretty frustrating for us all as we try to maintain blood sugars that aren't dangerously high.

I think my problem was probably due to stress. Having been away from home for a whole week, things didn’t get done since the Domestic Engineer, moi, was away. Facing mounds of laundry, housework, along with my going thru’ the piles of info I’d collected at the IDF World Diabetes Congress and other work I do I was finding life a bitoverwhelming. I’ve not felt this way in along time!

I was beginning to wonder, should I quit some of my jobs, and just take it easy?

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LOL - true Danny - 21 mmol/l reading - and I would have been catching the next jet to Las Vegas!!