Stressed? What can cause us to stress too much?

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to deal with stress? With our economy going to hell, and the price for everything going up, how do you handle the stress? Especially if you are just barely getting by and then having to decided what gets paid and what doesn’t…I have noticed that when I get a little bit more stressed out, everyting goes crazy…the sugars get higher and now I am having problems with my CGM not working right…I am at my wits end and about ready to take the CGM and my insulin pump…I know it’s what I need to be working on…but it’s just getting so depressing and I am getting really tired of being a diabetic…HELP!!!

I’m sorry to hear that Dawn, i am also looking for ways to manage and yes all is insanely expensive. I have been reading and i saw breathing exercises are good, glucerna, doing things you like: hearing music you enjoy, etc. Exercise in general.