Stressful Careers


Thanks for starting this discussion. Um how to describe my job. Its very interesting and different. There is alot ok tons of paperwork and alot of driving. In one week I drive almost 6oo miles most of it is done on wed. and thurs. I am a patient service technician. I deliver medical compressed ( in cylinders ) and liquid oxygen. I also service oxygen equipment. I drive a straight truck and sometimes my days are so crazy I dont have time to check my blood sugar or have lunch. Somedays my sugars do great and others they just dont want to have anything to do with me ! My job also involves heavy lifting and moving. The main reason I stay with this job is because it has good health insurance. Here are some pictures I took when Im on route when I had sometime to do so.
9085-100_0050.jpg (1.11 MB)
9086-100_0052.jpg (1.13 MB)
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Welcome to the group! Hopefully you will be able to find help here in managing your stress, or atleast you can always vent here for support. Ive personally mastered the “stop and test real fast at red lights” method. Maybe you could try that? or atleast pull over for 10 seconds to test because as we all know testing is very important