Stressful day

Not much to write about today, it was a pretty slow but busy day overall, until about 3pm..

I got a phone call with a panicking babysitter on the other end. I have a teenager babysitter who I hired for the Summer at a pretty good price and she comes to the house, so i don't even have to get kids ready in the morning ;-)

I know we went over all the testing techniques and what to do's and not to do's and in a split moment it's all done! In part it is my six year old's fault too. She is so darn independent and always tests herself, so as it turns out, my babysitter haven't actually had to it since she started! If course that "one time I showed her" is probably well forgotten by now too.

Anyway, the very first thing she said to me: "She was low earlier today, I gave her a snack and an insulin, then she went upstairs. I just went up there to check on her and she is sleeping, and I can't wake her up!"

My heart just dropped, but I tried to stay calm, figuring out in my head how long would it take me to get back home... I ask her to test my daughter to see where she actually is at this point.

My babysitter asks: "What site do I use?.."

I am a little confused, "What do you mean? A finger is good"

She asks me if it matters which finger!

That's where I start getting really worried. I told her to use a speaker button on the phone so that she can hear me and have both hands to use. This confusion continues for a very loooong minute. She doesn't know how to use a lancet ("I don't see a needle"), then I can hear her saying that she didn't get enough blood and there is an error on the screen.

Finally, she gets a reading! Its 115!!! By that time, I am already walking toward parking garage, heading home. Too much excitement for me for one day!

Oh, yes, my daughter is a really heavy sleeper, as it turns out. She was probably just tired from too much fun.

I hope my babysitter doesn't quit, due to too much stress...

I thought you were saying the babysitter gave insulin for the low! I almost died! My SIL always thinks you give insulin for lows, and she is 33!

I also have many friends who don’t know what insulin does and they seem to think that it’s a magic potion and you give it to the Diabetec person for every occasion…