Stressing . . . but still working on it!

So, I have a lot of stress right now. My husbands great uncle passed a few days ago. My dog was ran over by a car and he died instantly. The boys are driving me crazy. How does stress affect this disease? Should I test more often? I am still not doing a well as I should but I am changing/adding something every 14 days. I am already taking my meds regulary. My next step is to do a food journal. Then exercise daily. I do exercise occasionally but not as much as I should. I figured that med control is most important. I don’t test that often. Most days I am lucky to test once a day. I don’t really know if I should test more or not.

i test between 8-10 times a day. this gives me time to make adjustments to medication, food or exercise. these can all help with your stress levels.