Stroke & LADA Survivor needs to connect

Hi, my name is Steve I’m 35 and a Survivor of 5 Strokes and shortly after I was misdiagnosed as type 2 diabetic. I have since learned that I have LADA and dealt with it since Since living with the injuries in 2018 I have accomplished many feats. Personally I lost 65lbs, dropped my A1C from 12.4 to 6.5, and many more. I have changed my eating habits as well as more physical activity daily. I have been in a rehabilitation center for TBI’s in NJ. I would like to meet with other individuals in NJ or around the world. Trying to Help Enlighten other’s of this new form of Diabetes and help find more research.


Congratulations! Welcome! You have done very well.
LADA is not a new form of diabetes. There are many posts on this site about older people getting a slower progressing T1, often initially diagnosed as T2 because of age of onset.

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Congratulations @Phenixburn86 on living through a misdiagnosis and strokes and doing lots of work to improve your health.

And welcome toTUDiabetes, this is a good group who are glad to share their wisdom and experience.

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We have many LADA members here, great that you joined.

For those not familiar with LADA, here is a good description.


Welcome, @Phenixburn86! We have a long term member of our community who just had a stroke. He’s a diabetes expert, but the stroke stuff is new to him. Its good to have you as a resource floating around incase questions pop up. Glad you are here!


I would gladly like to share my knowledge of stroke, please allow him to connect with me as well I can be help. I as well any insight too thank you and have a blessed day

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It’s also,interesting to know what kind of strokes you had.
Ischemic and transient ischemic strokes are cause by clots. Often broken clots from legs in deep vein thrombosis, which can be corrected with blood thinners.

Then there are hemmoragic strokes that result from weakened and hardened veins and arteries that break open.

I’ve known 2 people who had strokes and both were transient ischemic strokes that did not cause permanent damage

I like to walk hike and keep moving because it is the best defense against stroke risk. That and good glycemic control because poor glycemic control causes damage to blood vessels.

It interests me to know so I can find something new to worry about as I’m getting older


@Phenixburn86 – I appreciate your motivation to help others with stroke survival. My ability to interact with text based format is limited, however. I want to learn more about speech to text utilities.

My glucose control with T1D is good. I use low carb eating and an automated insulin dosing system (Loop) to control my glucose. I was diagnosed at the age of 30, likely LADA. I am 68 now.

Welcome to TuD!


Yes, Timothy I had an ischemic Stroke due to Outside illegal drugs, as well as a carnival ride. The drug caused a clot and the blood forced its way though popping 5 times like a firecracker in my Cerebellum. that’s best way doctors explain to me. The info I have gathered has been enough to sustain myself and I can only share what has helped me. I plan to enlighten as many as I can in. I presently reside at a program for TBI’s in NJ NueroRestoritive. This program has shown me the affects of Strokes, Head injuries etc. on individuals. I have utilized the treatment offered too me, as well as independent activity. I can tell you the biggest health changes I made to offset stroke was the ability to walk at least 4 miles a day, and drink water lots of water, and stay a way from any Carbs.(u understand what I mean) These manly have helped me as well as other Theapy I receive. I hope this message was able to help you. Thank you for reaching out.

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Thank you Terry for the message. I really appreciate you reaching out to me. The greatest part of this message was the almost 40 years since your diagnosis. That is a great sign for not just me, but countless other newly Diabetics. I 'am sorry that I can’t enlighten you on more knowledge of personally text to talk features, but I can tell you what I have done as well as others I’ve seen with speech associated injuries from a stroke that technology has advanced to help those, but finically times are tough. Most use or attempt their voice to speak with assistance from techniques they learned in speech Theapy. I myself lost some function in my dominant right side. I utilize and try to compensate with my left. I can only describe this feeling as"When your arm or foot falls sleep? That 2-3 secs where its weightless, before you get feeling back…"Thats the best description I can give on my injury. i strive everyday to be a better person then yesterday.


@Jen might know something about this too.

My best answer too you on talk-text technology is to do your own research on this matter. I would be unable to comment you. Good luck in your research.

If you haven’t tried it, the talk to text on your phone is not much short of astonishing.
To me, anyway.
As an oldster.

Same for me. I found this helpful.