I had a not so hot AlC that was done in July. It was 8.7 but the good news is that i have gotten it down to 7.1. I am really proud i was able to turn it around. I know the last couple of months my whole goal was to stop passing out from low blood sugars. I felt like i was all over the map. Then i get into September and towards the end of the month i get a cold that had me on the couch for three days and unable to eat anything. I was able to keep down fluids which was good. I know i tried my best to keep my blood sugars down but there was a couple of times my blood sugar was above 200 and i knew that would not help my A1C. When i went to the doctors because of my cold they of course gave me antibiotics and also a steroid inhaler. My asthma was out of control. Steroids really mess with my blood sugars but my lungs were killing me so i had no choice but to use the inhaler. My cold is better and i am hoping to get off of the steroid inhaler soon. Then i injure my ankles still not sure if i have stress fractures or just tendentious from my previous injury. So that is messing with my blood sugars also.

I went to my endocrinologists today and told them last week i decided to change my basal and bolus rates because of all the issues because i don’t like to have them all over the map. I don’t think they were happy but in the end my blood sugars are better than if i had waited. I am trying to get my A1c back to at least a 6.5. I know i will get there but that last couple weeks have been so frustrating trying to get the balance back again. I will have my next AlC in December im keeping my fingers crossed.


I hope you can get off that inhaler soon! breathing is a better than Bg control:) Keep up the good work and I know you will have your A1c back to 6.5. Get well Soon