Struggling with T1 is most certainly not hard enough... Let's pressure them with schoolwork!

I vote that final year highschool exams be terminated on the grounds that stress sends my bloodsugars haywire and studying ruins all my eating habbits.

That, and i have enough to deal with having been in and out of ketosis every week for the last 2 years. Concentrating is not so simple with yo-yoing BGLs and ketones.


i know what you mean… my first written exam is tomorrow, it’s 2AM and i’m still studying haha I’m a last minute girl too =) good luck with your exams!

Are you talking about ketoascidosis? Cuz I used to get that, but they usually kept me in the hospital for awhile. And what about your Doc? Being that high for so long is not good. I’ve been T1 for 34 years, am only 36 and have heart disease. Uncontrolled diabetes is no joke. But good luck with your exams and managing your diabetes.