Study help?


What does everyone think about helping others study? If you post a question or topic you need help with, other members can try to help?

this is especially helpful when doing internet searches because someone might be able to come up with a better search keyword for you.

so yay or nay? and remember to put a due date on the question so someone doesnt try to help answer something that you already turned in :wink:


yay I love that fact. Way back when I was in college there was no internet (imagine that). We had study groups that met and helped those of us couldn’t get what we were suppost to and brought other issues we hadn’t though about til we all got together. 8-8-07! How’s that for a due date? Am I right or wrong the way I did it?


That is perfect! the way your message is set up is ideal!

i thought this might help a lot of us out because I know at my school, only those enrolled at my school can access certain articles, which may not be available to other schools, and if someone needed that article they could see who has access to it.


Can anyone find access to “Big bob’s adventure in D land” by Big Bob, published in 2020? mind copying and pasting or emailing me the article? thanks.

something like that would work


Sure! I love to help!


awesome! Even if you need help looking for an article just to read, not for school purposes, we can help each other with that too