Study: Pistachios and lower risk of type 2 diabetes

This came to my attention. Thought I’d share… Have you heard anything else about it?

New Research Unveils That Pistachios May Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes by Improving Blood Sugar Levels
University of Toronto Presents Compelling Findings at Experimental Biology Conference in New Orleans, LA

FRESNO, Calif. — April 16, 2009 — The University of Toronto is unveiling new study findings at the Experimental Biology Conference in New Orleans on Sunday, April 19 that shows incorporating pistachios into a meal results in delayed emptying of the stomach and blunting of the blood sugar curve, which may be of benefit to long term blood sugar control.

The new study led by researcher Dr. Cyril WC Kendall from University of Toronto’s Department of Nutritional Sciences and funded by the Western Pistachio Association, looked at the effects of pistachios on glucose and insulin responses and on its influence on satiety, or level of fullness. Previous studies have examined pistachios’ effect on glucose levels which showed a dose response effect on blood sugar levels. In order to further assess pistachios’ impact on health, Dr. Kendall and his team studied the effect of pistachios on serum glucose, insulin levels and gut satiety hormone responses.


Seriously? I love pistachios. Have had a recent craving for them, but they’re spendy.

This is the first I’ve heard of this study.

It seems that any higher fiber food is credited with the same results, especially those high in fat.

We know fat & fiber delays digestion & gives a feeling of fullness. So does protein. So does anything that’s not carbs.

Study was funded by Western Pistachio Association. I bet if the United Walnut Growers funded the study, there would be similar results.

Hmmm, want to sell more of a product? Fund a study showing it helps diabetes. Sprinkle some cinnamon on the nuts & you’ll never get diabetes:)

Yes, funded by the Pistachio Association. I’m sure the results are true, but it would be true of any nuts, for the reasons Gerri mentioned. We don’t all have to go out and buy pistachios specifically.

that is good to know. it doesn’t hurt to eat pistachios. though i am still waiting for the study that claims chocolate reduces blood sugar. cross my fingers! :slight_smile:

I bet chocolate does! Let’s ask Hershey to fund a study.

LOL Gerri!

You know, I think this works! I had pasta today, my standard 2/3 of a cup serving, and I usually reach my peak when I eat pasta around 75 min. But i had a few pistachios too, with my meal, to fill me up a bit more, and at 2 hours I was 105!

well if they need volunteers for that study sign me up!

I love pistachios… !