Stunned by Doctor's Comments

Today I went to a new GYN for the first time. Routine stuff. Just switched because I wanted to find someone with whom it was easier to get an appointment. She asked about my diabetes and first could not accept that I could get Type 1 as an adult. It spiraled downward from there. When asked about my medical history, I told her about my Hashimoto's Disease -- she commented that it was an autoimmune disease and said "you know some people think diabetes might be autoimmune related." I responded - -it IS an autoimmune disease. She said that that wasn't conclusive. HUH?! Then she went on to say that Type 2 was only caused by overeating and people wouldn't have it if they lost weight. I was stunned! I argued a bit but have learned that when outrageous stuff comes out of the mouths of people who are in positions where they ought to know better, the only solution is to run. Run fast. Do not look back. I got out of there and checked the annual exam requirement off my list. But will I go back to that doctor -- NEVER! Scary stuff!

I too have read with dismay some of the stuff written about T2 being caused only by obesity. I started developing my T2 when I was in my twenties and weighed about 175 lbs. I'm 6' 1" tall and had a waist size of 28. Really? Caused by obesity?

I don't think so.

Once again we see why they call it "practicing medicine".

Holy crap! It's so scary to hear such misinformation, especially from a medical professional! I suppose no conclusive studies would convince her otherwise. Sorry you had to go through that Donna!

Good one!

I guess this has been more my usual experience with the medical profession, rather than an exception to the rule. But my most important requirement for a doctor isn't that they be knowledgeable about Type 1 - I don't expect or need that - it's that they will admit that they don't know something, not argue as if they do!

This person id a doctor? I would report this incident to the state regulation authorities.

It's odd that such a common disease is so utterly misunderstood by people who are doctors. A former member who was in med school posted a blog that they did diabetes for one day. Unfortunately, he took the blog down as he was concerned about causing problems for himself.

I'm assuming you mean "the woman" not "women"!

This Doc won't get a job into the Diplomatic Corps ??!!.

I was just joking, Garethc...I knew what you meant.

Unusually bad form, you gotta recognize when you don't know something and zip it. I imagine she might hit google tonight and realize her extreme faux pas. She should burn with embarrassment.

Hey! Watchit! :)

Rules dealing with physicians.
1. Know your blood glucose's reactions with food, eg with milk, with veg, with bread, with starch and the exact amount one gram raises you, so no physician can refute anything and so they can't send you to a nutrition expert.
2. Write out for them exactly what you want. Every prescription. Every time. Know your doses. Know your sensitivity number, your I:C for every meal. (If you land in a hospital, they'll at least have those on your records.)
3. Know how to say no.
4. Choose young internists. Then teach them.
5. Cite the authors & journals for research studies to refute older physicians if you have to have an older one. (Have a cheat sheet if you need it.)
6. Have a DNR on your Power of Health Attorney, and keep it in your pocket or purse, and tell them where it is - pocket or purse. Pull it out with authority.
7. If you have a question, don't even think of asking it. Use the internet. Use Bernstein. Use Walsh.
8. Say thank you and have a good day when you leave and smile.
I've been married to one for over 60 years.

Oops, guess we need more smiley faces!

Great advice!

Sadly, most doctors only get a very brief education on diabetes. For some, it may only be a single day of lectures. And if they don't rotate through diabetic reality in their residency and internships, then they will be pretty clueless. So it is not uncommon for a GP or even for the various non-endo specialists to have a minimal understanding of diabetes. And that is really sad, because that can make unqualified to treat someone with diabetes.

A GYN who doesnt know diabetes is certainly not qualified to treat a diabetic pregnancy and is probably dangerous. And without a clear understanding of diabetes, they probably won't understand the relationship between blood sugar control and frequent UTI's.

I personally would "correct" the doctor, orally and possibly with a letter and suggest that a set of continuing education courses on diabetes are appropriate. And if you really want to take serious action, you can complain to the certification board and ask them to investigate this doctor and then you could also complain to your state medical licensing board.

In either case, this is clearly not the doctor for you.

That is just horrible. It's beyond horrible. I used to just shut my mouth in situations like these, but the older I get, the more I find that counter back with facts and information. I spend enough time with T1D that I know the facts by now, and if someone says something stupid or incorrect, even if they are a physician, I am now countering back. I try to do it in a polite and firm manner, and if the person is willing to listen, I provide more information.

In all fairness, according to a good friend of mine who is a GP, medical students are lucky if they get a whole lecture dedicated to "diabetes," and even then, the focus is obviously on T2 because it is the form they are most likely to see.

The scariest part of this to me is that gynos do surgery.... can you imagine this doctor performing surgery on a pwd?

My Gyno admitted to me that he knew very little about diabetes. That's why I like him...he is so honest. I suppose if I ever need surgery I would have to make sure my Endo is involved before anyone even touches me.

Hey, Smileandnod! Been meaning to send you a message to say, "Hello neighbor"! Are you aware that there are at lease 2 Endos in your home town that has T1? How cool would it be to have an Endo with T1. BTW...if you ever see me on my bike riding around make sure you flag me down so we can meet.

Have a good day, Kat