Stupid is as stupid does. :)

I ordered what I thought were 100 large IV3000’s from Amazon a couple of days ago.

Today, I received an envelope (not a box) of TEN, count them, TEN IV3000’s.

I called Amazon, they printed a return label, and I already dropped off the TEN IV3000’s at the UPS store.

sigh. Pays to check and double check when ordering. Can’t remember when I made such a dumb ordering mistake. I’m not about to pay nearly $2 each for transparent dressings. I’m not made of money.

Care to share you biggest ordering mistake? :slight_smile:

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Were you initially wondering where the heck the other 90 were, followed by a “What??? This can’t be right, can it?”

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So far, I have done OK on ordering D supplies, but books - especially for my kids’ classes is another story. Last year, problem was a novel that my daughter needed to read. I found ad ordered the wrong edition - teacher nixed. Went back and somehow managed to order the SAME wrong edition again! Fortunately it was not an expensive

This year, different kid, I ordered a book for my son BUT… it was the right SERIES; however, it was the wrong one of the series. Got it right the second time at least. Also 50% of his classmates made the same mistake, so I feel somewhat vindicated.

… WHEN will teachers learn what the acronym ISBN is for??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I See, Buy Now - ask questions later??? :grinning: