Stupid Question (sorry--sent it in an email first. still new to the forum)

So I'm getting hungry a lot more quickly these days and I've started getting seriously nauseated when I don't eat something (and I'm not talking waiting a long, long time). Typical? Should talk to my doctor? Advice, experience, opinions would be appreciated . Thank you. :)

what are your blood sugar levels at when you feel this way? a symptom of low blood sugar can be nauesa

Being new to diabetes can be a tad overwhelming. The only way to know what to do for sure is to check your blood sugar. Do that before calling your doctor....that way you'll know if you're high or low!

I don't know my current levels because I'm still in a pre-diabetes stage (last fasting blood glucose was 128, A1C 6.3)as of a month ago. I've only started to notice this in the last week or so.

Get yourself a meter, and ask for a scrip for strips from your doc!

Okay. I'll do that. I didn't know if it was too early to keep track of my levels or not but it certainly cannot hurt.