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SuFu, PhD

PHEW! Congrats!!

Congrats! I got as far as writing my thesis proposal before realizing that if I continued, I’d probably wind up shooting myself (if I didn’t simply keel over from stress first). Walked away and never looked back. So I have a heartfelt appreciation of what it took to get this far, and you have my sincerest admiration.

Big congrats! More time for squirt :slight_smile:

As you know I have expressed some, from your perspective unfair, reservations to scientific work. So it makes me very happy to see you achieving that high just to prove me wrong ever since. Congrats to your PhD!


So much work for so long a time–congratulations!

Holger - skepticism of/in science is a good thing. If there weren’t skeptics the earth would still be flat, the universe would revolve around the sun and all illnesses would be caused by our “sins”. Its what keeps driving us to discover and move forward. What seems so simple and elementary now was ground breaking only a generation ago.

Thanks everyone, I appreciate it!

Congratulations, you have truly made you contribution towards Piling Higher and Deeper.

ps. And don’t think you are done, you are never done till they actually hand you that parchment.