Successful despite type 1 diabetes, Theresa May for example

How can I inspire myself with the daily hassle of blood sugar control? Today, I will let Theresa May (Prime Minister of United Kingdom) do that for me. It might be old news but it works for me. I hope you will feel the same.

How does one control one’s blood sugar with a very STRESSFUL job like hers?

Excerpt from the report:
Mrs May has previously spoken about the burden that her diabetes places on her, revealing earlier this year that she has to inject insulin up to five times a day.

The monitoring patch she wore last night is a technological breakthrough which replaces the finger-prick blood tests of the past.
Here is the source of this report:

PS: I’m curious why she chose the Freestyle Libre instead of Dexcom? Customer support perhaps? LOL

MDI! WTH! (what the heck!)
Hey! Pass up a collection hat, buy this Lady an insulin pump. LOL

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Although Teresa May has type 1 diabetes, she has had it for only a short period of time, so the disease has probably had only a small impact in retarding her progress through life. Sonja Sotomayor, the type 1 diabetic recently appointed to the United States Supreme Court, has had her disease for a very long time, but her reasoning on the bench has been so consistently awful I would hate to cite her as an example of diabetic success.