Sudden drop of BG to 3.2

Hi all, I am worried about a sudden drop of BG to 3.2 in the morning while fasting.. Yesterday i had some sodas,by which, i thought my BG would rose... I have noticed also that when i take sodas or have some sweet stuffs my BG drop...
Did you guys ever had this kind of issues??
Is it normal? And how about weight according to this?

It is not uncommon as diabetes emerges to have something called reactive hypoglycemia occur. This happens because you insulin response becomes sluggish. When you eat (particularly something carby) you normally would release stored insulin in response (this is called the phase I response). But as you lose your insulin production you no longer are able to store up insulin in this way and your body depends on ramping up real time production of insulin (this is the phase II response). This production response is slow out of the gate and doesn't shut right down so you can actually overproduce and get a low blood sugar after a carby meal. Reactive Hypoglycemia. Eating lower carb and avoiding things like sodas can help.