Sugar cheat

About how many times do you eat sugar when your not suppose to? .And how do you feel afterwords ?
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Rarely intentionally overdose on sugar, such as two bites of birthday cake instead of one–but at least not a slice. I regret it as soon as I see my elevated bs.

It makes me feel really sick, ( migraine, sleepy and weak) afterwards and I have no way of correcting it, since I’m not on Insulin. That in itself is my greatest motivator not to have it. I always find a substitute whenever I get a sweet tooth :slight_smile:

Rarely the only time I crave some chocolate or sugar once a week is when I’m already low… So I guess that is good news for me…

I have become very immune to sugary sweets they make me feel like crap, and I always have a type of cake, cookies or cupcake in my house, my boyfriend in a sweet freak ( but I love him ) I just avoid it and eat some cheese…Love cheese too

I do watch it, but if i want something I have it as a treat. I have insulin to cover it, so it’s much easier to be able to eat whatever. I don’t generally have it or have a huge amount of carbs, more because my BGL is easier for me to control and because I need to lose a few pounds. I know plenty of Type 1s who have whatever they want.

It’s my husband’s birthday and I’ve made a Persian Love Cake. No way I’m not going to have a piece tonight!! So much easier when you have insulin. There was a time I didn’t have it, and I had to watch every bite.