Sugar high! WHY?

today i made mistake and knocked my pod off and i didn’t have time to put new one on and was in a rush.
2 hrs when i got home my sugar was almost 400, but i hadn’t ate anything at all no sweet, no meat, no carbs, nothing but before i left home my sugar was 125, so why did it go up and go up so much. i would have thought it would have gone down coz i was out walking and climb stairs and all.
Please advise, I am confused about this

If it was 125, was it a stable 125 or was whatever you ate before still ‘on board’? I’ve also noticed that when I forget to turn my pump on for whatever reason, even a 20-30 minutes of no basal will get my BG going up so 2 hours to 400 wouldn’t suprise me that much, particularly if the 125 included some food that was lurking around?

I’m not an expert, but I’m under the impression that pumps work by recommending doses of short-acting insulin at regular intervals and that you are not on a basal insulin when you are on a pump. So you are “going without insulin” if your pod falls out, in a way that you would NOT be “going without insulin” if you were on MDI and took long-acting but just didn’t eat for a while.

Anyone who actually takes insulin, feel free to tell me to get stuffed, but that’s my understanding.

Sounds like you had a stressful couple of hours. Stress could spike your BG into the 400s, especially with no basal working for you.

Your body is always trying to use glucose for energy, and this can’t happen without insulin (it just builds up in the blood). You need this basal insulin to adjust to normal fluctuations that happen. Even non-diabetics are creating this insulin, to keep themselves stable. If we could all just walk and have stable BGs we would! It just doesn’t work that way. In fact, as you walk your body is trying to use glucose for energy…and needs insulin! Think of this as your ‘background’ insulin. Just like you need a certain number of calories just to be alive and in good health (otherwise you suffer malnutrition and eventually starvation and death), you need a certain amount of insulin to keep your blood sugars stable.

That’s correct. The short-acting insulin is being used for both boluses and basals. I’m not sure how Pods work, but my Ping works by releasing a tiny amount of insulin every 3 minutes to act as a basal.

When you have NO insulin in you (the small amount of fast acting insulin provided by the pump is out of the system in minutes), your liver immediately dumps glucose into your blood, because it’s the insulin that prevents gluconeogenesis. I would expect a Type 1 to go high rapidly when there is no insulin in their system. Regardless of food or exercise.
The only reason BG usually drops with exercise is that you DO have insulin in your system.
A good idea might be to always have a syringe and a vial of insulin with you (or a pen), because Type 1’s don’t have much leeway when the pump fails or the set comes out.

i have had pod off for longer and sugar stayed stable coz i didn’t eat
i am beginning to hate the insulin pumps and pod
i at least 2x a month knock of a pod, and if i am not at home there is no way for me to put another on if i am at work or school.

really wasn’t stressful only went to the store with a friend
and we walked a lil bit that’s it
i would think exercise would help it go down not up.

yes u do sound like a mean endocrinologist

i had just bolused for the food i ate before i knocked off the pod… lol
i have to be more careful