Sugar Rollercoaster slowing down

At least I am coming down slowly…150 now. What is it about diabetes that some days I deal with it so much better than others??? Some days when I say " It can only get better" I am just trying to pump myself up to deal. How do you take a mental break from a disease that effects so many aspects of your daily life. Is there ever anything we ever do as diabetics that does NOT effect our sugars??? Heck, my sugars are even effected while I am asleep when I am not doing anything. Okay…other than a basal rate on my pump that I control. Usually I can get my mind a bit off by walking my dogs, but my ankle although getting better is still limiting me. Right now, my non diabetic fiance is stuffing his face with food…he NEVER has to think about what he eats…and clearly never does. He does have a medical condition that the Dr.'s have told him that there are foods that he should not eat and things he should not drink, but it has been 3 years since he was told that and nothing regarding what he eats or drinks has changed. At times I think he just does not have a clue. I usually do not have a big problem with this, but today I am weak and do. At times he neglects to take his medicines… As a Type 1 I know what would happen if I did not take my insulin and I for one aspect in my life will say that I would “never” not take my insulin. God bless my Grandmother who told me “Never say never”. This is probably the only time she was ever wrong with her advice!

Okay, now 122. So good to see an even better number. Now is the time to keep testing to make sure I stay around 122. To take a deep breath and thank all for letting me have a good place to vent!