Suggestions for eating/drinking when bloodsugar goes low during a run

I am finally hitting that point where I can run for up to half an hour, not terribly fast. (1.7km in 25 min last time) I find that even if I lower my basal or take off the pump, I am still hitting lows and having to slow down or stop. I am willing to eat or drink something, not sure where to start. I do not usually drink water when I run. (not until I'm done). My diet is pretty constant before I go for a run.

this was a problem I was often facing. I was running about 1-2 hrs after a meal and taking about 10 gm of sugar per 10 minutes, but i was still going low. Now I run first thing in the morning before breakfast with about 7 gm of sugar per 10 minutes pump on -50% basal and this seems to be the sweet spot for me.

I have the same problem. I always seem to go low no matter what. I've found one of those long term Gu gels or Shot blok's help. I turn off my pump about a half hour before I run, depending on my BS at the time and then take the gu gel about 15 minutes before running. It doesn't always work but helps.

Hi Chrysta, I have the same problem and was recommended a product almost a year ago that regrettably, I didn’t try until this year. It’s called Generation UCAN. You mix a scoop a half hour before you run and it will truly keep you stable for 2-3 hours. It has 34g of carbs and you don’t need to take insulin to cover it. I was super skeptical which is why I waited this long to try it, and now I can’t imagine running without it. Amazing. It was developed for a child with diabetes so they certainly know their audience. Not sure where you’re located but it’s pretty easy to find in gyms and running stores around Colorado, so hopefully that’s the case wherever you are. Good luck.

I am also in the process of figuring out my running routine. Does anyone have any suggestion for carbs that are easy to consume during a run, are cheap and are natural?

I keep a little packet of fruit snacks in my sports bra. had 15g of sugar.

also half a pbj before run always helps me to not go low, also not having any active insulin in my system, meaning 4 hours since last shot