Suggestions for improving adhesion of MM Quick-Sets sought

Hi everybody! I’ve been using Quick-Sets for my MM 522, and am starting to have problems with them detaching. The problem started when I moved from CT to NC, specifically because of sweating in the heat - something that happened infrequently when I was in CT. I’ve tried standard 1st aid tape, as well as tape used for holding colostomy bags, and nothing has worked. When I work up a good sweat, the adhesive on the set starts to give way around the edges, and if I don’t catch it the whole thing comes out. I’ve tried using anti-perspirant around the infusion site, but that doesn’t seem to work, either.

Any suggestions (short of using super glue) would be greatly appreciated.

Type I x 14 years.

If you give MM customer service a call, you can ask for a Tape Kit. It’s free and has samples of about every adhesive available in it

I use Tegaderm tape under the sets and swear by it. It is latex free so it doesn’t irritate the skin. I get it from Medtronic in my supply shipments.

Oh, I live in Phoenix. In the 110 heat the Tegaderm keeps my sets on, and they stay on (99% of the time) in the pool with it. and I got swimming a lot.