Suggestions for swimming with a 630G

Yesterday my son announced at Easter dinner that he was taking the family to Hawaii this coming Friday, April 10th. I’ve not done any swimming since I started on a pump in 2014. I verified with Medtronic that the 630G is waterproof, but I would really appreciate some suggestions on making it all safe and not too much of a hassle… Do you cover the infusion site with waterproof tape? I wear a Dexcom so does the transmitter need to be covered. It just dawned on me I’ll be out-of-range from my iPhone Dexcom app. I’m 73 so I’ll not be surfing or snorkeling, just enjoying a quick dip in the pool or ocean.

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I’ve never gone in the ocean w mine, but I’ve done water parks.
I put my pump in a waterproof bag. It seals around the tube. They also make cases for electronics that have a mic cable for divers that is prob even better. I never went too deep with my set up.

Your dexcom is waterproof if the transmitter is installed.
I covered mine with an iv3000 just to keep it drier and so it wouldn’t peel off.
You can cover your site with iv3000 too.

Thirdly. I made a quick waterproof bag with a ziplock to swim in a pool. You put an iv3000 on each side of the bag and seal. There is enough distance to keep it totally dry.

I don’t own any stake in iv3000 I just have a lot of them around. They are somewhat sticky on both sides so they make for good waterproofing.

i likely woudl disconnect while in the water. Yes the pump will work in water, but unless you are disconnected for longer than an hour or so I would disconnect and then test, dose and go back in. No need to worry so much for the short amount of time.

Most important have great fun !!

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