Suicide Prevented using Twitter and Demi Moore

When I came across this I thought yeah, finally something that seems to serve no purpose actually does some good. Even something as silly as twitter in the right hands can do good. A big shout out to Demi Moore, way to take action. To anyone who is thinking about ending their lives: Don’t do it, the world would not be a better place without you. We would miss you, we really would. I know you are in pain but death is not the answer. I have lost someone I love to suicide and the pain this family feels is not what he would have wanted for them. So please wait, talk to someone you trust. Hold on, just wait, it will get better….you just have to hold on a little longer… will be alright, I promise.

From the Associated Press

NEW YORK - An online chain of posts involving Demi Moore apparently prompted police to go to the aid of a California woman who was having suicidal thoughts .

San Jose Sgt . Ronnie Lopez says the department received a phone call early Friday morning from a person in Dallas who was tipped off to a supposed suicide attempt through the social networking site Twitter .

Moore, a popular celebrity Twitterer, was involved in a discussion on the site that began when a user sent the actress what appeared to be suicidal notes.

Lopez says officers made immediate contact with a 48-year-old female resident of San Jose, Calif ., and transferred her to a local hospital for “psychiatric evaluation.” He says there were no injuries.