Summer High Tea

The weather was fantastic the hottest day of the year you roasted just waliking out of the fron t door you do not get days like this very often we not as often as we use to when I was a nipper, the wife and I spent ages in our local Asda( free plug for them ) deciding what to get for our son his partner and our three grandchildren Jessica Daniel and baby Jacob sheila chose this cheese I choose another we even argued over what type of lettuse to take in fact at one time we had 5 different types of lettuce in our trolley common sense prevailed and we settled on a bag of freah cut leaves all types shapes and colours.

Should we cook or should we just do a cold buffet this weather after 43 years of marrige you might think we could agree on this simple thing, in the end we choose a cold buffet best ham well that is what it said on the packet and at £5 it ought to be best ham curious what the other hams looked like if htey were not the best type, still in a sandwich ham is ham as Hamlett said sorry about the joke, tomatoes do we have baby tomatoes big tomatoes or tomatoes on the vine round or plum phew love just give me any tomatoe.

Into pound land table cover new knives and folks plates ok so it is the pound shop stop knocking it Asda has jumped on the bandwaggon with oddles of offers just a pound, what to drink do the kids like this like that in the end we bought 3 different types of drink all child friendly, we even bought new mugs for the grown ups not very often we do that.

5pm no one had arrived so I checked the Jersey potatoes were done done a little butter on top would make them special, the smoked bacon & cheese quiche was cooked after saying we would not cook in this heat, the table looked great I had missed dinner not a good thing for a diabetec and for which I was to pay for later on in the day, at 4.30pm we had a text on our way from IKEA so I replied in Swedish you are velcome, our son and family arrived at 5.40pm all hot and bothered and we asked is anyone hungry the answer no not really they had stopped of at Mc Donalds on the way home (another free plug) send ant freebies to tales of a black country lad on google.

My wife and I felt so deflated after all thet bother choosing food I guess the moral of this tale is never cater for a feat when a snack will do.

Less to say the wife and I will be eating our high tea for a couple of days to go starting with the hard boiled eggs with watercress for my breakfast, my funny turn 7.30pm after missing dinner in antication of sharing our first high tea of the summer with family my blood sugars dropped to 4.9 when I sat doen to eat insulin in hand I really fely sick but eat my tea 10 minutes later i really felt sick in the tummy a rush of food on an empty stomach should be avoided I was ok later it could have been all the excitment then the let down the wife and I talked about the shamles late into the night.

the only positve thing that came out of the day was seeing the grand children, ok not a barbi which they had been too on saturday but we tried our hardest to please, sheila and i have come full circle in our lives back to where we started just he two of us, sad when you have five grown kids who at times treat us worse than strangers