Summer Mornings

I was blessed this Sunday morning by spending time on the seat of my bike, out in the Cathedral of my Creator’s own Construction. The privilege of seeing his creatures, in their element, as if there were no human civilization for a 100 square miles has filled me up with praise, and truly humbled me in his presence. I am so glad to have lost an hour of sleep to experience these moments! God, You Are Good!


You’re right!! God is Good!!! HE is an Awesome God! I think sometimes we get caught up into ourselves and we don’t stop and RIP the benefits that LIFE has to offer!! God is LOVE.

Beautiful Picture

Beautiful photo. Do we get a clue as to the location of this cathedral?


That’s awesome! Glad you had such a great time! It’s easy to see that there is a great designer of our universe when you are bombarded with beautiful and perfect things (a big bang definitely did not set everything into perfect alignment!).

Just love those moments!