Summer time pod tape peel

How to comfortably stop the tape from peeling off. It needs to be good in the water. And on the cheap side I like the look of the band4life but I think $22 is kind of steep

You can use vet wrap when you wear the Pod on your arm. When I know that my daughter is going to be in and out of our neighbor's pool all day, I cover her Pod with several pieces of Opsite Flexifix (you can get a pretty large roll on Amazon for a not-too-steep price). I have to use a few pieces of Opsite because I only have it in roll form and it is not quite wide enough to cover the Pod and the adhesive. I guess you could cut the Opsite into strips and just cover the adhesive alone...

I suspect this is a personal thing, but I just use large amounts of 70% or 90% alcohol when I clean my skin before application of the pod and I've yet to have problems with the water. I spend most of the day this time of year in 90F+ and at least some of every day in the water. I don't sweat much - I'm in Oregon (low humidity), not Florida (high humidity), and that may be the solution, but when possible I always spend time in the sauna (don't have one myself) and I've never had a problem from that. Likewise for Turkish baths (steam: only tried recently, but fine.)

John Bowler