Summertime diet goals

Every summer its a buffet of activity – or should I say too much activity at the buffet?

I do a lo carb / no carb / slo carb diet. It started out Mediterranean Diet and the I found limiting my carbs helped my blood sugars. Some people call this Dirty KETO – I don’t push fat as a goal, I’m not really hungry so the extra fat isn’t needed. I just eat plain Jane food from the outside of the grocery store. Fresh before frozen, frozen before canned/boxed.

Isn’t summer great for getting fresh veggies? I’m just having trouble with all the sides sneaking in (potato salad, pasta salads, lots of dressings and creamy sausy things)

Isn’t a BBQ fun? I just want to eat too much and cover it with SAUCE! Scrummy! But I do my plain BBQ on the side and try not to dip.

Isn’t dessert just refreshing? Sticking to lo carb is tough with all that whipped cream covering everything. The whipped cream isn’t so bad. It’s all that pie and other neat stuff underneath.

My A1C is always in the 6’s. Would really like to get it to upper 5’s for the summer. The weather isn’t cooperating so its to the Y instead of the park. As a teacher, I’m sedentary all day usually so here’s to the first week of being out of the classroom and roaming out to the real world!

I find I am so much healthier during the summer – less stress, healthier fresh food (more time to cook right), more activity. I say A1C 5.7 here I come!


I eat at least one or the other every day with low cal whip cream and nuts. Curbs my appetite and low carb. I have a bunch more but these are some of my favorites this year.

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