Summit on Bio-diversity COP - 11 at Hyderabad, India Oct 8 - 12, 2012

Hello fellow members,
There is an upcoming event on Bio-diversity in Hyderabad, India. The whole city here is sprucing up for the summit which is from October 8 - 19, 2012. Participants from around 190(?) countries are supposed to attend the same.

I don't know how bio-diversity is going to affect diabetics more than non-diabetics! I feel conservation of nature is a responsibility of every one diabetic or not, what do you say?

I think this is a perfect opportunity for anyone from TuD flying out to Hyderabad to hold get-together of sorts, to get to know each other and meet and share views.

Kindly let me know if anyone is planning on coming over so that we can plan on meeting. I would be glad to volunteer.