Sunburned feet

I know that D’s are supposed to take fastidious care of their footsies, reporting anything unusual looking to their doc. Sunburns, though, are such a common problem + something inconsequentle on most other parts of the body. I obtained a pretty good sunburn on tops of both feet-not sure what to do…I don’t have neuropathy + I don’t want to go overkill on this. (doc visit= overkill)Any risk of sunburn leading to an infection?

Yes. There are some really good Aloe Vera gels out there that will help out a great deal. Most of the brands are pretty much alike. One of these should help.

Been there, done that. Sunburned feet hurt like hell!!! There is a burn cream you can find at your local pharmacy called “Foille” that worked for me. We have it in our first aid kit for household burns and I normally don’t use it for sunburn, but it really did the trick (and took away the pain while healing the skin).

While you are recovering, try to wear flip flops or sandals so they won’t rub on your shoes.

I’m sure that you will now remember to put sunscreen on your feet, also - I never forget my feet (or my ears - that’s a whole different story) anymore!!!