Sunday 02-15-09

Just another Sunday around here, the race is on, not sure who is winning, don’t have it on here in the living room. Went to the dr and have to have a couple of tests done, a doppler on my neck arteries, need to have my eyes checked and the old dreaded colonoscopy. The doppler is because the blood pressure in my left arm is quite a bit lower than in my right arm, she thinks there may be some blockage. The eyes are pretty much since I am a diabetic and we need to have our eyes checked every year, and well the other is because it does run in my family, my maternal grandmother and maternal aunt had it. My grandmother lived to be a 100 and as far as I know my aunt is still living, she should be close to 90 by now. So as far as longevity, well I have it on both sides of the family, except for my mom, she died when she was 69 from Ovarian Cancer. I was just sitting here thinking about her while I downloaded some oldies music, some of the songs remind me of her. I will have to scan her picture and post it here, she was one hell of a woman, would not tell you what you want to hear, but would tell you exactly what she thought. She did not mince words and well I guess you could say I take after her in those ways as well as the illnesses she had, she was a diabetic, bipolar, fibro, the only thing I don’t plan on getting is the Ovarian Cancer, nothing left inside to get it. Course I could get it anyway, just in another area. Oh well, I have babbled on long enough. Have a good night everyone.