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There is no other way to look at it really. Oh, I stormed and raged and thought it was Not Fair at first. The dx hit me when I was in a bad place. But when you have time to reflect you realise you have to do the best you can. I eat low carb high fat because it suits me and feels less restrictive to me than low fat, high carb.There are lots of recipes in the recipe section on this list that will help you feel less restricted. Good luck.


My 83 year old grandmother told everybody! I told her im a private person by nature and even with a public relations degree I do NOT and never had a social media account. It made me laugh because she does the same thing. Asks how my numbers are (quite cute). I have self decreased my insulin to 1x a day to 14u. I was dropping 50-70 points a night. Now I drop 20. It changes though dependent on my cycle. I have my days where I’m non compliant though. I will snack on something and boom. Sugars are high. I mentally get after myself because I’ll feel like crap for two days after. Sigh. Again though I try not to get too down but if something else happens that day I’m super mad. Such is life. Summer is hard with stuff on the bbq front. I’ll see how winter does since I haven’t “pleasure” yet. Hahaha. I worry about complications…especially when I had an aunt die in her early fifties from the complications. I figure everyone has a battle though and this one I can control. Well. Most days anyway.


I went HFLC pretty quickly too and it works well. Still more experimenting to do to figure out what is optimal so I don’t feel so low energy. The doctors, dietician and educator kept emphasizing that I should work towards getting back to normal eating but it cased a lot of problems. HFLC got me in normal ranges. Ancel keys was wrong and Atkins was right.

I’ll take a look at the recipe section for ideas. I bought a spirolize for vegetables and its a lot of fun. Finished the last of zucchini pasta with pesto and tomato for lunch today. Super good and all from the garden so fresh and tasty. Interestingly I get a blood sugar rise from my vine ripened tomatoes but not from those store bought over the winter.

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The tomatoes ripened on the vine are red because they have built up sugar and are actually ripe. Often tomatoes bought off-season are red because they were exposed to a gas (or some other trick) that made then turn red, regardless of how ripe they actually are. :smile:

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This seems to be a generally held viewpoint but my experience has been the complete opposite. It’s a circular shape, so relatively easy to carb count (area = Pi x r-squared) and then the only question is how to set the extended bolus.

Of course there’s a fair amount of trial and error involved in perfecting it, but with a pump and CGM, as long as you are prepared to learn from any initial failures, you can get it spot on. I can do a 12 or 14 inch at our local Campus Pizzeria (where I know the carb counts) and never go above 8 mmol/L which is often better than I get with a lunchtime sandwich.

The same approach applies to pasta and other slowly absorbed carbs.

My personal philosophy when confronted with high carb food like pizza or pasta is to channel the spirit of Dr Bernstein. - Well I channel his spirit directly into a bin bag (garbage sack) and chuck it away! If the Good Lord had intended us to go Low Carb, he would never have created analog insulins.

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I got quite a chuckle out of your last paragraph because it used to sum up my philosophy surrounding carbs and Dr. Bernstein perfectly! :laughing:

After becoming a self-proclaimed TuD junkie, however, I’ve modified my beliefs considerably. While a great deal of Dr. Bernstein’s approach to managing D continues to rub me the wrong way, I have gained quite a bit of respect for a lower-carb/higher fat lifestyle (along with losing 12 pounds and counting, and appreciating more level BGs for my daughter after lower-carb meals).

All this being said, we continue to eat pizza about 2 to 3 times a month (well, my daughter does; me not so much because I’m riding a weight-loss mojo) as opposed to 2 to 3 times per week. We’ve also started spiralizing zucchini :yum: to replace pasta.

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The thing is, as regards weight loss, low carb diets are not new. They first became popular in the 1860s (no, that’s not a typo). When a soi-disant expert refers to them as “new-fangled” or “faddish” it makes me want to . . . do something antisocial to them.


Like others have mentioned, you will eventually find your balance. It is not reasonable to expect to eat lettuce all day long. But at the same time, there are certain foods, many of them white in color, that simply are not good choices because they make BG harder to manage. So focus on meat, cheese, eggs, nuts, green veggies, butter, oil and cream. This is what we call a low-carb high-fat (or healthy fat) way of eating. The good news is you never have to even think about calories again, just focus on carbs. Also, this way of eating keeps you satieted so that you don’t crave the “bad stuff” as much. Keep your portions of sweets, potatoes, pasta, bread, rice and fruit to a minimum. This is hard to adjust to because it is what America eats, but you can do this. Ideas are hamburgers with all the fixings but no bun or a lettuce wrap, omelettes stuffed with meat, cheese and veggies, chopped salads like a chef salad or salami/cheese salad, sausage and peppers for dinner, etc. One piece of licorice won’t make you sick as long as you take insulin to cover it. Neither will a small pancake or 1/2 waffle dipped in syrup. Moderation is the key here, and learning to count carbs and dose for them accurately. You will get the hang of this, promise.


Chinese is my Devil’s food, but soooooooooo good. LOL I pay dearly for it when I do eat it. I try to limit it though, can’t have it as much as I’d want or I’d be chasing down highs all the time.


I have a friend who says that the rule for Chinese food, is that whatever you eat, it’s always 16 units. He is bigger than me, I usually go for 12 (and extend 60% over 2 hours). I also tend to go easy on the rice or noodles. Most of the units are therefore dealing with the obvious and hidden carbs in the main dishes,

I spent 10 days in Shanghai in 2004. We were taken out and “dined” every night. Because we were honoured visitors we didn’t actually eat much rice as that’s reserved as a filler for “poor people”.


Lauri, I am in the same boat more or less, but still undergoing evaluation by the endocrinologist while I control my numbers on a low carb diet. Your last paragraph rings so true----I am also depressed, could care less about my job, pulling away from some family and friend who support me very little, and confuse my diagnosis with type 2, worried about the future and the expense. Too much to contend with in my late middle age. On top of this, I am celiac and already have a restricted diet, so eating like others has never been possible for me, and now LADA… Somehow a balance can be achieved. Hang in there, write me anytime.



LOL thanks Jim325, I might have to try that.


I agree with this approach. There are some foods that are darn near impossible to count carbs on. I take the approach is small, medium, large. In the case of Chinese, an entire meal is large and I automatically hit with 15 units.


Yep. You said it. Never say you cannot do something! I always figure out a way I can. I was diagnosed when we were planning a week long camp trip. I went on it anyway. And you know what? My sugars were in better control camping fishing hiking and floating then they ever were at work. Pizza? Okay. I figured out I can enjoy one or two slices. I eat a salad with it too so I figure that is great since I never done that before. I eat more fresh fruits and veggies and as the mom who goes grocery shopping…my family does too. I don’t eat many sweets but I was lower on Sunday so enjoyed an ice cream sandwich. Perfect. Keep going gal. Figure out what you can do. You really can do everything. I walk more and weird side effect. I’m calmer…because now I appreciate the little things more now. Hang in there gal. We have to think about a lot on a daily basis. :sunny:


Having had D for over 7 years now, and on a pump for almost a year, do as My Endo told me…“EAT WHAT YOU WANT, JUST BOLUS FROM YOUR PUMP FOR WHATEVER YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH…”. So I did…sugars in the 200’s and 300’s, (yes I carb count correctly, I have a degree in Accounting, so I know how to add…lol), WRONG!!! Try limiting your Carbs…if you normally take 150 grams a day cut it in half to say 75 a day for a few weeks and see how you feel…Trial and error is how I fugured out what works for me. I was 200 and up grams of Carbo a day normally…I got sick and tired of being sick and tired and running to my Endo every week to have my pump settings “tweaked”. I decided to take control of my D and not let it control me…I DRASTICALLY cut my carbs to 30grams a day and started walking 1 to 2 miles a day…within 2 days my BGs came down from the mid 200s to mid 300s to the mid 70s to mid 90s and I lost 15 pounds so far…I started this 2 weeks ago and and I haven’t felt this good in more than 7 years…just some food for thought, No pun intended…
As an aside…u can still have Pizza and Beer…just go with the Lite beer and veggie pizza and instead…as for the Twizzlers? WILL POWER is needed there. Limit yourself, they are like chips, you just can’t eat one…again though allot of things you will need to figure out by trial and error…READ, READ, READ…anything and everything you can on the subject that will help you too. Come back here and ask questions, Most everyone here has been where you are and they are great and give sound advice.

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I did that the other day, and for the first time I wasn’t literally correcting all night and into the morning. I think I had to correct once before I went to bed, and work up back in range. I figured what the heck its rice…its going to shoot me sky high anyway so 15 units sounded reasonable. I really do try to limit the Chinese…but I have an intolerance to beef, and chicken and broccoli or sweet and sour chicken is a nice change to break up the monotony of meals.