Super Genius while hypo

Woke up around midnight.

I distinctly remember that while still in bed, that I quickly came up with solutions to all the worlds political, economic, and environmental problems.

All in one fell swoop, solved them all. I must be the world’s greatest super genius.

Then I got up and checked my bg. It was 50.

Crunched down some snacks.

Went back to bed.

Then woke up this morning and couldn’t remember the solution to all the world’s problems.

It all seemed so clear last night.!



I once had a similar experience when I thought I had finally solved the problem of ‘other minds’ (Cartesian scepticism) when I woke up from a deep sleep, and so immediately picked up a pen and some paper and began writing it down. What a wrote was uninformative to say the least when I read it later, and the reason for thinking I had had that massive afflatus turned out to be just hypoglycemia.

Interestingly, though, I find I can play chess better when the blood sugar level is around 80 than when it is in the 100 to 120 range, but I suspect that is because my untutored intuition is better than my reasoning in chess.

LOL Too funny and real all at the same time!

When I go lower I go dummy

Lol…same here. Similar as after a few beers. Next day you’re like wtf…

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I find in the upper hypo-range, I often sense a certain mental clarity. I’ve found that if I get engaged in some mental process or task, it distracts me from realizing that I’m sinking into hypoglycemia. For me, this was a part of my hypoglycemia unawareness.

I have, however, found at least one solution to a real world problems while sleeping. When I was a young adult, I struggled for many hours trying to fix a motorcycle. The solution came to me in a dream, I recalled it when awake, and darned if it didn’t work!

Almost all memory of dreams vaporize when I wake up.

YES! That reminds me, I wonder if my falsely perceived super genius, is a result of adrenaline release in the hypo. Maybe your “mental clarity” is the initial stages of adrenaline hyper-focus. And in me it manifests as a completely false super genius.

Decades ago, the adrenaline release and seeing for example my shaking hands was a super reliable hypo indication. I wonder if the adrenaline rush is still there but somehow the shaky hands symptom is a worn out part of the response.

In the same range, I get incredibly focused and mentally streamlined. I know I’m going low, I know I should stop and treat, but I’m determined to finish whatever task I’m at, and I do brilliant work, if I say so myself.

Once, in my sleep, I translated Linear A. By the time I remembered I’d done so – midway through breakfast – of course I’d forgotten it all. I do remember it was ridiculously obvious, so I keep hoping it’ll return one night.