Super Suppliments

What is your opinion of the high end suppliments out there, like Life Extension Foundation, or Energetic Nutrition? Any different from what I can get at the grocery vitamin isle?

Many of them have products that are targeted for diabetes issues.

I have been pretty skeptical about suppliments but if they help I am all ears.

Ahh… Mountain Rose Herbs. Thats my hometown supplier. I used to get all my tea’s from there when i lived up the McKenzie. They have great stuff.

There are very few manufacturers of supplements & more of this is being done in China to cut costs. Companies buy vitamins/minerals/herbs/amino acids/enzymes & make their own formulations. Some companies allegedly purchase higher quality ingredients than others, but they’re all basically coming from the same couple of sources & there isn’t a huge difference. To save money, know the best form & dosage of what you want & read labels carefully.

Capsules are better than tablets. The binders in tablets make it near impossible to assimilate.

I don’t take many supplements. I order from Swanson’s Vitamins & usually buy the Swanson brand. Brands like Life Extension are a lot of marketing hype.

I haven’t found special diabetic formulas to be anything but marketing.

i take vitamin d 1000iu once daily, and multi-betic vitamins thats about it… when i was big on the gym i used to take fish oil and all that kinda stuff