Supplies for Diabetes!

Okay, so I’m not sure if this is really weird or strange.

Everytime I go to the doctor’s office, I get new test strips (when they let me sample new BG meters.) AND I GET SO EXCITED. I love getting new, COOL equipment for diabetes. I get so excited when my animas supplies come in the mail and have my name on them. It just makes me excited because they really are for me. No one else in my family can use them, not that they want to, but I think it’s just funny because it’s like little Christmas gifts that I get every couple of months.

I’m sort of back and forth on that? I always see stuff that looks need (Bayer Contour USB is current object of desire because it looks very small, even compared to the One Touch UltraMinis!) but then I realize I would become embroiled in shenanigans with Blue Cross writing a stupid report (or paying the doctor $300 to write a report, that they will take 30 days to review and then I will call up and scream at them until they give in or something like that?) and I just stick with the program.

When the test strips come in the mail, that is always a very pleasant moment, it’s such a huge pile of strips!

I feel that way to, but on the other hand I feel that I buy my life 90 days at a time and then get bummed out.