Supplies to carry with you at all times and advice about testing and injecting on the go

I like that large size bag- do they taste good? My fav for glucose tabs is the relion fruit punch.

I haven't seen the bags and would assume they would be money saving. I'll have to see if my CVS has them. Unlike most, I don't expect glucose tablets to taste good and so, ironically, I don't think they're as bad as most people think they are.

There good, I have always liked Dex4 over the lower cost brands,the raspberry and grape are my fava...$9.00 for the bag, big savings over buying the Tubes.

hmm.. I think I will try one and see if I like them.. one at work, one in my car and one at home... the tubes are good for your purse but I could get a little container instead. I like the plastic container for my car though because I put it in the drink console so I will hang onto that and just fill it up when needed.

Does this mean that you do not eat low carb? What scares me about insulin usage is the potential for hypoglycemia, therefore I would prefer to eat low carb. I have hypo unawareness. Although, it's a challenge learning what to eat.

Unfortunately my body makes no insulin, and since my body and I cannot always agree on how much insulin I need, I'm forced to eat a few carbs in order to adjust my BG and the Dex4 tables have = 4 carbs each and I use them instead of different foods because there predictable...I know one tablet will raise my BG about 10-20 points. My BG goes up and down even without eating food so a low carb diet does not fix my problem.

I eat about 90 - 120 carbs each day and although this is not a low carb diet, it's low enough for me to gain all the benefit I can get from my diet..........YMMV

If you're type 1 and or on insulin you are going to have some hypoglycemia events whatever diet you eat. Lo carb doesn't eliminate the need for insulin or hypos. Are you sure you have hypo unawareness? That is usually something that happens over time not at diagnosis. If you run your bg higher that should bring back your awareness. A cgm will help a lot too to warn you of hypos you may miss.

If I’m out to eat, sometimes I will inject at a booth into my leg or arm. I always prep with alcohol. I always keep some smarties I’mn myy purse. i pack is 15 g of carbs. I always have my tester and strips. Sometimes it takes less space if out of the pouch but the risk is to misplace things. Handel may be a good idea too.