Support for diabetics living alone facing hypoglycemia

Living alone with severe diabetes is extremelly challenging. There is now a monitoring service using live operators and scheduled calls to help single diabetics.
Diabetes Response Service

A cat is a good option, and for some it is all they would need. At the same time, a cat cannot bring you out of a seizure, a coma or wake you up if you pass out. People use Diabetes Response Service mainly for wake-ups calls and/or calls before they go to bed… on a schedule. Except for elderly people, customers do not typically receive calls throughout the day, because like you said, you don’t know where the day may take you. There is an on/off feature where you can pause service calls when you want. They also offer text message alerts to your cell-phone to monitor glucose better. Best of luck.

Pets are a good option. I have a dog that tells me If I am high or low. She is a terrier so she does not take no for an answer she keeps barking until I do something and as soon as I start testing she calms down. She is a seft taught pet also. A pet might be cheaper than a Response service.

I wish you and the DRS success. It is a big world out there with a lot of potential customers. It never hurts to try. I sawa while ago that the US is more than half made up of single person households.