Support Groups in North Jersey

Hello all,

I'm new to the forums, but I have been on the site since the doctor told me I had gone from being Pre-Diabetic to having Diabetes. I am not on Insulin or anything like that, just Metformin twice a day.

My reason for posting is that I was wondering where I could look to find support groups in my area that meet once a week or every other week for folks to sit down, & talk about how Diabetes is affecting their lives & what little tricks & shortcuts they've found that help them along the way. I know that is what the forums here are for, but sometimes physically talking with other people is beneficial too. The reason that I ask is because since I've been diagnosed, I've noticed that I get more mood swings now, particularly depression. Whereas, the episodes don't last long, only a few hours, I do get quite low on the emotion side & start thinking badly of myself & in genreal ripping myself apart. It is unhealthy to have these thoughts, I know. I find it frustrating that it affects me this way. Any advice on where I could search? I'd greatly appreciate it!


Hi Kimberly Rose,

I’m not from the Jersey area, but you can try going back to your hospital and see if there is support groups there…

Good luck with your search and I am sure everyone on TuD is behind you, cheering you on for great BG#s and what not! =)