Support-Where to get it?: An update

I went to work today and finally called him after a few hours because I was shaking like a leaf at work and couldn't focus.

So, the lab results came back and my boyfriend has a form of leukemia called ALL. He told me that the doctor is very confident and has seen quite a few people with that form of cancer who were also around 29 years old when they got it and they have all had good outcomes. He starts chemo tomorrow and a few other drugs and could be out of the hospital and DONE with all of this in three weeks if he responds well to treatment. Of course, it can recur, and he will have to have very frequent blood tests after that to make sure everything is ok. He seemed very positive and ready to deal with this- he seemed very strong too!

I told a few people about what was going on, including my coworker, and it was nice to have some support in real life. I even talked to my dad, who I haven't talked to in about 2 years.

I am still processing all of this and am now obsessing about how I called him at about 8 pm to wish him luck and woke him up by accident. He told me to not call him at all because the phone ringing wakes him up and he's having too much trouble sleeping. Now I feel bad! I figured he would have his phone turned off/silent if he wasn't awake!

So now I guess I will be waiting to hear how he's responding to the chemo and everything. I haven't full out cried at all today- just teared up a little bit. My blood sugars are kinda nutty though with all of this stress and residual effects from the steroids I'm taking for the wisdom teeth removal.

Well, I guess I wrote a lot. I'm feeling a little more positive now that I know what's going on and there is a plan. I'm trying to think happy thoughts and not get too panicked.

Happy your boyfriend has a great prognosis. Wonderful news to celebrate!

Ditch the guilt about waking him. Was a thoughtful, loving gesture & you had no way of knowing. No doubt he's scared & anxious. We all over react in that state & get snippy with our loved ones.

Keep thinking good, positive thoughts!

Great news. Don’t worry about waking him. I’ve been very sick in the hosp and had to tell someone not to call me and I felt bad about it but I’m sure he felt bad. Although I didn’t want him to call me I was glad that he did cause it let me know he cared and I’m sure your bf feels the same way! Keep taking care of yourself!

We often have to deal with adversity in our lives. I'm sorry you have had to deal with your fair share and it is really hitting the fan. But your boyfriend can recover, just like you deal with your diabetes and are healing from your wisdom teeth. You may feel scared, sad and depressed about bad things happening, but what really matters is how you deal with it. It is important that you keep a positive attitude towards your boyfriend and yourself. If you believe, then it can happen.

It sounds like great news. Except for the guilt part. So now you have to let yourself be okay with your feelings and get yourself feeling better.

Happy Friday to you.

Wishing you and your boyfriend all the best. This is stressful for both of you (even if he's putting on a strong front), and I hope you can both ride it out reasonably comfortably. He's most likely going to feel awful while going through chemo, and maybe you could ask him what he feels would be most supportive. And then do whatever it is he asks, even if your gut instinct tells you that YOU would want something different. Three weeks feels like forever while you're going through it, but then it will be over, and even though the cloud of relapse DOES hang over you, do your best to enjoy life together! :-)