Sure glad I worked from home today!

So I put a new infusion set and sensor in last night–it was my normal 3 day change routine…so…

Put the sensor in–it bled a bit more than normal–but have had it happen before…so it looked like it had settled down…went to do infusion set—got the resevoir ready–push the air in–set the resevoir on my shirt to let it draw while I got the infusion set ready–all of a sudden I realize my shirt is wet–the damn resevoir is leaking (at least it leaked Before i put it in my pump)! ugh–I don not like the smell of the insulin that is now wetting my shirt—so brilliantly I decide to push the insulin that was in the resevoir back into the vial–yeah not my most brilliant moment–so now I am wearing even more insulin.

So go get another resevoir (and clean shirt) finish the site change. Call minimed and get replacement on its way (and canister to send the old one back), watch House…When my reminder goes off to claibrate CGMS–its way off so I restart it…and the next time–decide I am tired and not in the mood and will start it in the morning…well…after I finish my breakfast–at my desk working–I realize my shirt is wet…this time it is blood not insulin…apparetnly the sensor site never really quit bleeding last night and had finally soaked its way through the IV3000…what a mess

I am soooo very glad I had read about it happening to someone else here first or I probably would have had a really nice panic attack …and the gusher that ensued when I took it out really surprised me–I know I’ve read about them–but never had one—such a bloody day! literally :frowning:

big bad SORE bruise now–so much for that side of the abs–think I’ll take a break for a few days…just have to be really careful (hypo unaware–reason I have the bloody thing)

Somedays!! Sure am glad I was not at work!!!

I hope you heal soon, and have a better day tomorrow! How is the bruise looking?

Yeah, that would have been hard to explain at work. Well, I am glad that I never had this problem. Just with a slight infection of the site when I took it out. (2 of them)

Hope you heal fast and feel better.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

Bruise looking ugly–hopin since it bled soo much that the bruise will heal quickly----but it sure does hurt :frowning: