Sure-T Question...Dave?

Ok, so I ordered a sample pack of Sure-T’s when I was refilling my supply shipment today. I’m curious. But I’ve heard that the Sure-T’s can clog. Is that true? is there any downfall to the magnificent Sure-T? I don’t have much fat on me at all. Is that an issue? I use a 6mm cannula with the QS.


I am NOT Dave , don’t even look like him :wink: ,however by reading about Sure-T’ s, Dave’s name would often come up …in my mind he is the FATHER of Sure-T’s and I am happy to report , that his mentoring is paying off for me .
I am using Sure-T’s for about 2 months now and I have NOT observed any clogging . I promise to keep close watch to other responses to your Discussion .
I think Sure-T’s work very well for the slim and children .

Thanks guys. I’ve actually always used the shorter tubing anyway. I think I’d have a LOT more doorknob hangups and other issues with longer tubing,so that’s not a problem for me. I’m glad to know that the clogs aren’t a common problem. I disliked the idea of switching one problem for another. I’ll try them out when they come and see how I like 'em.

No offense meant, Nel. And I’m glad you don’t look like Dave… Just he’s the Sure-T Guru around here and all.

HAHA this discussion made me laugh.

I love that we can identify members so easily by the type of infusion set they support :wink:

who is this Dave person? I must meet him! I am a recent convert to Sure - T’s from sills. I want to bow down to the person who invented them -then kick them in the pants for not emailing every person who’s NOT on them to talk about them. They are the best sets ever! No more pain, no more kinks, great absorption!

Where do I pay homage? :slight_smile:

AH! Dave! Good to “meet” you!

I’m a sure- t convert as of… last week. Was on Sils since 2004. And your 3 hours were torture? lol…Was on the bent needle before that. I must be into torture… :slight_smile:

I will have to join the “sing the praises of sure- t” club!

Thanks for introducing yourself!

So I'm coming to the end of my first Sure-T set. I'm going to use my 2nd sample when I change the set out this evening. I find I quite like them. There was a little more pain on insertion compared to the Quick-Sets, but it was really comfortable afterward. I'm surprised at how flat the set is compared to the QS too. I find myself running my hand over the site and thinking "cool!" I didn't think about it before, but I caught the QS hub itself often on clothing or chairs, part-way pulling the tape and I'd sit there and wonder if the cannula was still intact and in the skin. I like the security the T's offer of just knowing that if there is a problem with the BG it is not because of the cannula. I'm thinking of calling minimed to tell them to just send me the T's rather than the subsequent QS shipments I will get every, what?, 3 weeks they said? We'll see how the next set goes. Just wanted to share!

Dave “pushed” the sure-t’s on me, and now I am hooked. Great, great, great. That is all I have to say about them. I called and asked Medtronic to send me the sure-t’s as replacement for the lot-8’s. They said sure and I got my first box and they were QS’s. Called, and they said they would reship. Got Qs’s again. Then my second box came, and yep, they were qs’s again. I have been waiting for my last seven for over a mont and nothing. Meantime, I renewed through a differnt company and got all sure-t’s. I only tell this because I hope you can get them swapped out easier than I did Amanda.

I hope I don’t have problems. I’ve never had issues with Minimed before, they’ve always been really great to me. The only thing I’m thinking right now is that I still have about a box and a half of QS’s left and I find I’m actually reluctant to use them up!

I was surprised at the problem also, but I know things happen. I just really don’t want to use them up. Lately I have been using two every three days because of problems, mainly because of high blood sugar that won’t be corrected. I don’t want to waste them, so I will use them I guess (reluctantly).

I’m thinking of just adding the leftovers to my emergency supplies. If it’s an emergency I won’t be too picky or upset to have to use them. :slight_smile:

Ok, so:
I just went to change my set and couldn’t prime the new Sure-T tubing! I kept getting “No Delivery” alarms.

I tried everything!
I used the old tubing (just the 2nd half of tube) from the set I was changing out. Wouldn’t prime past the connector-part, either.
So I changed the reservior. Same problem.
I primed through the entire old set with no problems.
I primed through the new tubing + old set with no problems.
I primed a QS with no problems.
I primed through the new tubing without connecting to the new set. As soon as I connect the tubing, Bam! “No Delivery”. So I poked a syringe through the connector to see if I could. (perverse curiosity at that point.) it had a bit of resistance, but I got it through. Reconnected & tried to prime. No such luck.

I’m wearing a Quick-Set. >:ol

Any of you ever had this problem? I thought it was wierd.
Not quite enough to keep me from trying the T’s again but enough to make me mad. Hmph.

Will do.

Do the Sure T’s come with 43 inch tubing as well as with the 23 inch ?

Will the insurance send me Sils tubing with Sure T infusion sets.
Can you use the Sure T past 3 days, can I leave infusion set in
and change to a new reservoir, like the quick sets for a total
of 6 days with one quick set infusion set.

So what do you order half Sils and Half Sure T’'s from your insurance ?