Haven’t posted in awhile. School stuff has kept me really busy. (yay, for a few weeks of sanity) Celebrated D-day number 10 on December 10. Of course, it was a final exams day so I really didn’t paint the town red but I savored the “treat” I’d gotten for myself(a Wendy’s Frostie and chicken salad). I don’t feel like a newbie at all now, there’s something about putting your diabetes in the double digits.

They changed things around with the mag infusions so I’m getting a huge dose one time a week. And my veins are now, very shot. Partially due to the holidays, partially due to insurance issues, and partially due to the veins, they are putting the port-o-cath in this Friday, its a surgical procedure and though I thought it would just be some sort of local-shoot-me-up-with-lidocaine deal no it’ll be completely out cold. No tube down the throat though, just duped up. It will be on the left side of my chest and it will take about 45 minutes to put in, they thread the catheter down to the heart and you’ve got to take fastidious care of the sucker because if it gets infected it is a really bad thing. Not like a pump infusion set that you can leave in for two weeks. It can be left in for as long as you need it, some people, for years. Other risks involve artery blockage, heart attack, death. Thinking about the risks makes me think I’d rather just put up with the tomato sized shot veins I get. Being alive is much better then the alternative. I know they have to tell you about everything that could possibly happen but its freaking me out.

yea, a PIC line can be a big deal, I’m sure you’ll be able to manage tho. Hang in there!

Thanks for posting an update! I hope that the procedure will go smoothly and will be a help in the future! Keep us posted.

Congrats on finishing finals :slight_smile: Hope you will get some time to rest as well!!!