Ok, so tomorrow I'm having the Essure procedure done.

Normally it's an office procedure, but my docs office doesn't have the facilities to do that just yet.

So... I'm going into the hopsital to have it done and will be asleep.

They know I'm a pumper and all, but I'm nervous.

Anyone on the pump and have surgery?


Also, I'm quite depressed about the American Diabetes Association and Medicare (who's guidelines my insurance has decided to follow) UGG....

Why are the recommendations for testing daily incorrect?

What do we need to do to get these recommendations changed?

Why do they not realize that insurance companies follow these guidelines and prevent people from being able to test freely?

Why is it I have to constantly fight the insurance companies so that I can take care of myself?

Why are they only recommending testing three times a day for anyone on insulin?

Thank you for letting me vent... This is what makes me truly want to give up.

Would these insurance companies like to pay for all the complications instead of testing supplies or a (what is that thing called) CGM?

Makes me want to stop pumping and just let the diabetes take over. Then say hah insurance companies, and ADA and all you other so called "EXPERTS".

I'd like to sue them all for neglect, undue stress, harrassment and the likes because it's a complicated disease that we deal with everyday and we don't need this added harrassment, stress, etc... which causes poor BG's, and contributes to depression, anxiety, and heaven knows what else.

Makes me seriously want to just quit the struggle, I'm tired of fighting the good fight....