Surprise xDrip feature allows you to discover neighbors with sensors!

So I use xDrip to link my Dexcom (G4 with Share) to my phone, to amplify the sound so that it actually wakes me up if need be.

Last week, I had some trouble connecting the two devices, so I went to the Bluetooth Scan page on the app…and found that I am not alone:

So…if you, unidentified neighbor*, read this message, we should totally talk some time IRL :smiley:

* LCM dorm, nearish building 6


Has anyone else found friends by spotting D-tech on Bluetooth? I’m sure spotting actual devices is pretty common (and I have some stories about that also), but this is the first I’ve heard of someone being spotted “in the wild” by Bluetooth :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But perhaps not quite as interesting (or as deliciously disturbing) as what one can observe about their neighbors with binoculars or a telescope…


I wonder whether there is a HIPAA issue here . . . at the very least, I suspect the FDA would frown on it if they even were aware of it. I’m certainly not going to tell them.

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I don’t want to seem paranoid or conspiracy-theorist-like, 'cause I’m nothing like that.

That said, I would be surprised if the FDA, or the Fed generally (maybe not the FDA directly) weren’t aware of all these rogue, hacker projects, apps, Facebook groups, etc. etc. etc. I’ll bet TuD gets read now and then.

Not to “spy” or anything like that (ridiculous, IMO), but rather because that’s part of good public relations, market/patient/citizen intel, and many other benign some even good reasons.

The reason nothing punitive or confiscatory, etc., happens is because none of these things (like xdrip, Nightwatch, etc.) are sold for remuneration. Rather, they’re group creative projects, behavior by people they are well within their liberties under our free society to do. In other words, if you can crack the wireless data and want to make an app for yourself with it, in this free country there’s nothing the FDA can do about it.

I don’t think it would matter - without the transmitter ID it won’t connect. (Went thru a problem like that, I was keying in a wrong digit!)

Good point!