Surprising use of insulin as doping by professional Tour de France cyclist

After being thrown out of the Tour de France in 2007, professional cyclist Michael Rasmussen have now confessed taking multiple illegal substances, including insulin.

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Among other things, Michael Rasmussen admitted to have used insulin to promote his performance. have asked the doctor Jimmi Elers from the Anti-Doping Denmark Research and medical committees explain what Michael Rasmussen may have gotten out of taking insulin.

- Insulin is best known for controlling the body's sugar balance in diabetics, but it also has an effect on fat metabolism and protein metabolism. It increases protein metabolism in muscles, so they simply can convert more energy, explains Jimmi Elers.

The insulin has given Michael Rasmussen the same effect as if he took anabolic steroids and testosterone.

- The insulin does not work as efficiently as the anabolic steroids and testosterone, but it is quickly out of the body. After a week, it can not be traced anymore. I guess that he used it while he trained most intense just before the start of the Tour de France, says Jimmi Elers.

When Michael Rasmussen revealed his abuse of insulin yesterday, it came as a surprise to anti-doping doctor.

- It's something that I did not think was used much in practice, and it came as a big surprise to me when Michael Rasmussen said insulin, says anti-doping doctor.

Well known among the bodybuiling community.

Hello FHS. The article mentions it has not been reported in use for endurance sports. I was dx T1 ~1 year ago, of course having no previously experience with insulin, so I guess I'm just intrigued by its effects - also what it does to "normal" people.

You didn't link the article, but I'm always interested in reading about stuff like this. I'm a bit jaded and cynical so I'm never suprised to find out which professional athletes are using what to mantain performance. I can definitely see where using exogenous insulin, despite it's inherent dangers, can be useful to an endurance cyclist. Not sure how UCI is going to handle this, but at least it's on their radar now.

I tried weightlifting with my son a few years ago and made pretty good progress for a fifty something man. My son said it was because of the insulin. The weight lifting didn't last long because my fifty something shoulder couldn't take it.

Yes I am also intrigued by this?

Why and how is insulin used by body builders, I know it is used by body builders coupled with steroids and testosterone, I have even had people approach me in the gym and inquire about purchasing some of my insulin when they have seen my pump!

Carb loading, or what some refer to as tapering is done before a big event and extra insulin will help the body store more energy and recover faster to a higher level, this is helpful when cycling everyday or back to back running events.

I remember Mr. Britain saying he was taking it to body build.

In my case it just seems to add tummy grease. Maybe you need testosterone and growth hormone also.

Ha ha tummy grease. I shall be borrowing that one.