Surprisingly Steady

Olivia's blood sugar reading's have been surprisingly steady the last few days. Good numbers - nothing too high or too low. It feels strange!! We have also avoided a bedtime shot the past two nights since her readings were within range. Yeah! I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for what numbers will be revealed today................

8:00am 118 - good

11:00am 226 - not too bad seeing that we had to guesstimate breakfast. She probably got 1/2 carb too much for breakfast.

2:00pm 333 - sh*t!

5:00pm 223 - coming down, but still don't like what I see

8:00pm 201 - !@*#@!*?

Diabetes sucks! Just when you think you have it under control and then WHAM -it knocks you back into the unpredictable side of it! I'm back on the edge of my seat, wondering what 12:00am and 3:00am will bring!