Survey- how much do u exercise or not and what is your ave #

I'm working on a science project with my daughter and we would like a sample from type 1 tudiabetes members

do you exercise? how often and length? what is your ave # and or a1c? how long have you had diabetes?

We would like to make a chart with her #'s, one with her exercising everday and chart her #'s then one with a week without exercise...

thank you for your help


Yes, I exercise.
30-60 minutes yoga every day.
avg. 6 hours of cycling every week Dec and Jan.
avg. 18 hours of cycling every week Feb thru Nov
last A1c was 6.4, never above 6.8 in 4 years
Dx T1 5 years ago.

Good luck to you and your daughter

thank you!!