Survey: what do we get out of being involved in the community

We have been approached by a nonprofit group from Europe who is conducting a study that we could help with by participating in a 15-minute long (online) survey they have put together. We feel this survey could further help establish the importance of communities like TuDiabetes.

If you have the time, here is a survey:
and here are more details about their goal with the survey:

Scienter is carrying out a study on how learning takes place in online communities as a part of a broader study on Pedagogical Innovation in New Learning Communities. As a part of that study we are consulting people who participates (actively or silently) in online communities. We are interested in finding out what people get out of being involved through active or silent participation. Your input will make a valuable contribution to the study and would be much appreciated. Any information you give will remain anonymous and confidential. Please complete the questions below, then click continue until the end of the survey. The questionnaire will take about 15 minutes to be completed.

P.S. There is mention of “ICT Communities” in the survey. ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology.