Survive and conquer! Expression is the opposite of depression

What a great blog. My first entry-post. More to come, as I enthusiastically embrace this opportunity to connect. Thanks!

Written awhile ago, whence depression set in and writing saved me. It transforms like nothing else, a form of prayer-I think.

-JoElle Ramsey

Sadness calls, floats about me.
Unwanted pest, it hovers and teases.
Try to swat it away, again and again.
Yet it stays, begs to feed my irritation.

Aware of its presence, I am on guard.
It lingers about, demands attention.
Now consumed, I utilize control.
Annoyance, I bar your entry to my soul!

Much like a veil, this present state is.
Subtle coverage lightly cascades around my being.
Molting into a different self, an alternate view appears.
Still in here, yes, it is me under this veil of gloom.
It covers me now, perhaps making me more beautiful in the end.